The Quality Assurance procedures at JB Precision Machining  are established to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process, including purchased material.

To ensure a continuing and positive means for achieving improvement of all JB Precision Machining products, the Quality Assurance department provides pertinent and timely quality status information to manufacturing.

One of our main goals is to provide continuous quality improvement of product, processes and services.


We have the required personnel and the necesary tools to manufacture and meet any tolerance your design requires.

Our quality assurance methodology  will ensure that the slightest of your requirements will be covered.


One way JB Precision Machining separates itself from the competition is our client support. We understand that changes may occur, concerns may arise, so we want to make sure customers feel free to communicate with us at any time, including weekends.  Our goal is that our client's design requirements are fulfilled.

CNC Machines

We offer a complete machining and fabrication facility that includes the latest CNC Machining software,  a variety of  CNC Milling and Lathes machines with the latest technology, as well as manual capabilities.